Kendrick Kdubb Washington (born November 1, 1969) is an American R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, and vocal arranger. Kendrick is known as a member of the R&B vocal group Special Generation. He was one of the groups leading singers in the 1990s that had released Four Top 10 Hits on the Urban Music Billboard Charts described on like "Love Me Just for Me, "Spark of Love," Lift Your Head and Smile," and "You Are Everything." As a solo recording artist, he is known for his LP releases called "One More Night" (2019), "Baby Don't Lie To Me" (2020), and "Here for You" (2021), According to Spotify Streaming, Kendrick has streamed over 60,000 streams globally between all three singles.

Early LifeKendrick Lavon Washington was born in Live Oak, Florida. He started singing at the early age of 14, under the wings of his uncle Leo Washington from the 1976's Rhythm and blues band based out of Florida called The Washington Jamm Band, who introduced him to understanding Music and Entertainment. Kendrick attended Thom Howard Academy, 16th Street Middle School, and graduated from Lakewood "Hollywood" High in Saint Petersburg, Florida. During his high school years, he met the other members of Special Generation; Charles Salter, Maurice Dowdell, Maquet Robinson, and Fernando Carter, who originally called themselves Parie. As a young, inspired artist performing in school talent shows and nightspots such as Ike's and the Galaxie Lounge, the group also sprinkled stardust from time to time at the Enoch Davis Center and the National Guard armories in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa. (The armories serve as occasional concert venues.) Kendrick's passion was becoming a professional recording artist, finishing college, and pursuing a degree in Engineer Drafting; his music career remained his focus.In 1989, Kendrick and his group re-branded themselves as Special Generation. They signed with Stanley K Burrell, aka MC Hammer's record label Bust It Records, a subsidiary of Capitol Records, during the 1990s and began touring and recording with MC Hammer on his album "Please Hammer Don't Hurt' Em." Special Generation's background vocals can be heard on the singles: "Have You Seen Her" and "U Can't Touch This." In the same year, Special Generation released their debut album, "Take it to the Floor," produced by MC Hammer, Felton Pilate, and James Earley. Their singles released were "Love Me Just For Me," "Spark of Love," and "You Are Everything." Kendrick's rich baritone vocals can be heard crooning on most of the songs on the album. Kendrick's delivery of pouring his heart out and drawing his emotions to the lyrics of the songs can pull on the audience's heartstrings. His nickname became affectionately known as "The Clean Up Man" because of his ability to take a song to another level that reaches its climax. Kendrick's background adlib vocals can be heard on Hammer's song "Brothers Hang On" from the Too Legit to Quit album, released in 1991. While Hammer is rapping about a cautionary tale of living the street life, Kendrick's vocals and ab-libs give the song a gospel feel and soul-stirring message to appeal to listeners. In 1992, Special Generation released their sophomore album "Butterflies," which Steven Russell and Gerald Levert produced. Special Generations, "Lift Your Head and Smile" and "The Right One." again, Kendrick's smooth and silky vocals are heard. "The Right One," written and produced by Gerald Levert and Marc Gordon, captures Kendrick's crooning and passionate vocal ab-libs and channels Gerald's essence with Kendrick's touch of magic, making it a classic heartfelt slow jam to groove to.In February 2020, Special Generation released their single "I Can't Help Myself " on digital platforms. Kendrick stepped out on his own and started crafting his solo career. He has a serious heart for R&B music and its significance. In July 2019, Kendrick released his first single, "One More Night," with a smooth heart on the sleeve, endearing lyrics, and hooked centered around forgiveness and reconciliation. Kendrick's musical influences were Gerald Levert, Teddy Pendergrass, Barry White, and countless others that inspired rich baritone vocals that this Generation lacks in today's music. Kendrick followed up and released his second heartfelt single, "Baby Don't Lie to Me," on October 27, 2020. He romantically sings his passionate heart out about a woman that would be better off without him. He released his third single called "Here for you," which is an R&B, funk, and soul filter into Edward W. Sealy's intensely personal ode of "Here For You (featuring the singer Kendrick Washington)." Nicely updating that classic soul sound, it has a neo-soul spirit, with the elastic funk grooves adding to its inherent lush quality. The arrangement feels pitch-perfect, with every element in just the right place. Various pieces further add to the lush, luxurious scope of the work. Within the piece, he incorporates elements of Brainfeeder Records into the mix resulting in an almost futuristic take on funk.







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